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All Smiles


All Smiles


We had a great night here at CF Valley Park! Our "Biggest Winner" teams came in and pushed through their second week of the challenge. There's already lots of progress and weight loss. Keep it up ladies!

I had the pleasure of watching Jon Levy complete "Elizabeth"….21-15-9 reps of 135 lb. squat cleans and ring dips. I believe he finished in just over 12 minutes. That weight is close to his body weight! One thing very impressive about his effort was his good technique on the cleans. He remains sharp on every rep. "Metcon" workouts that incorporate Olympic lifting have proven a bit controversial in the CrossFit community. While they will indeed produce fatigue quickly, they are much more technical in execution. The dilemma over maintaining good form while moving quickly and with intensity will rage on but Jon's performance doesn't leave anything to question.

We also had a first muscle-up and some 500 Meter Rowing PR's! Chris Abrahms completed his first muscle-up which was followed with thunderous applause. Orie Shafer took our crew through some 500 Meter Rowing sprints to end the night. Sharon Dailey beat her previous time by over 5 seconds and Mike Shaw bested his old time by 4. He can be seen in the pic laying on the floor…the sure sign of a true all out effort. Jennifer Shaw beat her old time by 9 seconds! That is huge! Great job everyone. Sorry I didn't get pics of the muscle-up. Anyone need a job as our photographer/videographer?

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