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All About Positions


All About Positions


CFVP would like to applaud everyone for your hard work learning the Olympic lifts. These are leaps and bounds more difficult to learn than most exercise movements. Remember patience, diligence, and practice.

The Olympic Lifts can be simplified as a jump/land sequence. More specifically we are providing acceleration on a load to get it moving upward, then placing ourselves under that load to recieve it. The technically gets much much deeper and this is where we get into positions.

Your success on getting into a proper position to initiate the lift depends entirely on taking the bar through a proper sequence of positions, created by proper engagement of body alignment. It's all about creating a solid connection to the bar, stabilization of midline, and bar path. This is like a golf swing. Alot of things have to go right to have a good lift. This video may help to demonstate some key points. Alot of you have struggled with getting the knees out of the way of a bar path that should come slightly in as you lift off the ground. When the knees do get out of the way, many people leave the bar where it is, creating seperation. The engagement of the lats is key here to keep the bar moving in. Keep working hard and learn to enjoy these great exercises.

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