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Ah such a classic scene. Had to post it before our team boards the plane in the morning. Competition gives us a chance to do something great. It gives us a chance to rise up and prove ourselves. With it, we can inspire people to do the same. So many of you can look back on yourselves and wonder how that person who walked through our door made it to where you are now. Isn't it amazing? Keep in mind that you are the ones who inspire us to walk into that arena and throw down with some of the best athletes in the world. Every athlete in Carson this weekend carries their members, training partners, coaches, and friends with them.

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  1. Trey

    A wonderful scene from a classic movie about competition, which is now twice in one day someone has referred to 'Vision Quest' as "classic"–probably a record. The crazy thing about what he says in this clip is that it rings so true. I felt it when I watched the team at Regionals, as I'm sure others will at the Games. More importantly, though, is that each and every one of us doesn't have to travel far, or pay a lot of money to experience those emotions. I may never know how to dunk a basketball, hit a 85mph slider, or hear the rush of 20,000 people cheering me on…but I bet I know at least a little about how those things FEEL. Ask Brian Rouse about the nervousness he feels before a named WOD…ask Dan Furnas how he felt when he tied Jake Howard's tabata row score…or anyone who looks at their initial baseline time in their book and laughs six months later when they've cut off four minutes. Every one of us feels those accomplishments personally, internally, and with huge emotion. And like the man says in the clip…it can be pretty damn glorious.

    I will never be a professional athlete, but I know glory. We all do, don't we? 🙂

    Thanks, CrossFit.

    And also– go get 'em, CFVP Affiliate Team!!!

    P.S. Fight Gone Bad still sucks.

  2. POETRY man! Well said, indeed…LOVE that movie! Now Go kick some majority ARSE boys n girls !!! Ya know we're all cheerin' YOU on and inadvertently, ourselves, at the same time! We love whatcha do! RUDY RUDY RUDY!! (I know, I know, wrong movie, just had ta give a shout out to another great classic)

  3. Mike d

    Trey said everything I Was thinking. Dan, you said the team is doing this for us, everyone on that team gives us someone to look up to. Knock em out, dig deep, do what we all know you can do. No matter what happens you have already won to us.

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