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After first WOD, CFVP in the “Thack” of it!


After first WOD, CFVP in the “Thack” of it!


Saturday "Black Box Saturday"


The weather in Castle Rock was clear and crisp today. Chilly air set the stage for a very tough sprint event. Our team watched nervously as athletes struggled with cramping legs through a workout that was thought to be somewhat less challenging. We all know how that goes. It always looks better on paper. Our team held pace in a neck and neck race with 5 other teams. As the workout reached a midway point, we fell behind. Great runners were lengthening their leads. When all was over, Valley Park was in 26th place out of 30 teams. The highlights were few but we'll all remember Raelynn Chase blazing through with Sprinter's form. She really flew.

We knew we had a good chance to do well as the Max Load Snatch event loomed. Every pound would gain us a second off our time. The barbells flew and the heavier plates came off the racks. We managed 5th place overall in the event, which brought us to 6th overall. Cory Buerck got #230. Dan Thacker got #220. Tawn Keener got #95 and Kara Funk got #105. Our spirits were lifted as we improved our standings by 20 places. However, we still realized everything would depend on the 3rd event. This is the one we feared. None of us had ever done 50 muscle ups and our fears deepened as we saw teams finish this workout in less than 12 minutes. To be honest, the mood was dark. We couldn't decide on a game plan. We could only do our best.

The story of this event was Cory Buerck. He calmly grabbed the rings and did one at a time. He stayed steady and simply refused to slow down. Our anticipated "hitting the wall" never came. This left Corey Lewis free to row all 3000 meters. This left Kara Funk and Tawn Keener free to do all 200 Overhead squats. The 4 athletes worked in their respective zones and collectively kicked ass! That's all there is to it and I did have to say it that way to remotely capture the explosion of emotion that erupted as Cory did the 50th rep. Actually an F-bomb between the words "kicked" and "ass" would have been fitting. Yeah, it kinda feels like that! 9th overall and heading into Sunday with bad intentions.

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  1. Jennifer Kahle

    I am so proud of you guys. Thanks for the play by play. Makes me wish I was there cheering you all on! Good luck Sunday!

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