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Affiliate Cup


Affiliate Cup


The CFVP Endurance program is off to a great start. We'd like to take an opportunity to thank Stephanie Teague for her hard work in launching the first CrossFit Endurance program in St. Louis. She is doing a fantastic job. We hope everyone is enjoying it.

The St. Louis Affiliate Cup takes place over the weekend. CrossFit Valley Park has several competitors stepping up to test themselves. The weekend should be exciting. This can be a very intimidating experience and we are so proud of everyone. If you can, please go out to support them. Here is a list of CFVP warriors. Best of luck!

  • Neil Zimmerman
  • Kelly Zimmerman
  • Brian Rouse
  • Steve Himmelmann
  • Donny Harris
  • Brad Johnson
  • Robin Wilhelm
  • Amy Wallhermfechtel
  • Lisa Moore
  • Janet Candela
  • Jared Van Anne
  • Chris G.P.
  • Stephen Cooper
  • Louis Clough
  • Stephanie Teague
  • Margaret Junker
  • Melissa Hurley


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