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Addiction is a Choice


Addiction is a Choice

6_addiction_brain The following information is based on my own experience and understanding of food. It is not backed by too much scientific research or study, although much can be found to support my statements. Food is a drug. Nutients support physiological and mental functions. They also affect our endocrine system and therefore balance..or unbalance of our hormonal state.

This hormonal impact is most pronounced by consumption of high glycemic carbohydrates. The over abundance and availability of processed carbohydrates and sugar has turned us into carb addicts. Insulin regulation is crucial to normal health and carbohydrates severely disrupt our blood sugar balance. I have certainly noticed that the more I eat carbohydrates, the more I crave carbohydrates. I believe this is the main reason for a scary state of condition known as"Syndrome X"   If the number of health risks associated with chronically elevated insulin levels don't motivate you to change your dietary habits, maybe you need to consider this fact. You will lose body fat if you base your eating around lean meats, fish, non-starchy vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and good fats. Many of you are motivated to lose weight and diet is the key. I am constantly confronted with frustrated individuals who are not happy with their  weight loss. When asked what they are eating, we find the problem. It is that simple. Addiction is a choice. If you are not making the right choice, you have officially lost your privelege to complain.

Courtney Yuskis submitted the following article. It is long but well worth reading. "It's Not the Burger, It's the Bun"

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  1. Lynn

    What a great article! Very, very informative. I have been slacking on the carbs, so this is a good wake up call for me. Thanks for the info.

  2. bret

    In my personal eating experience, of which I have quite a bit, the best way to stop a carb-binge is through a 15-24 hour fast. Let your body run on ketones for a while, and break the fast with meat and fat only. This usually puts my body back in balance and ends the carb-craving. Not to mention all of the other numerous benefits associated with intermittent fasting.

    Also, despite what you might read from supplement magazines and such, your body will not start using lean body mass for energy until about the 20 hour mark. So you wont lose muscle mass. Schedule your fasts for a rest day if you are not used to it, however…

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