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The music in the video contains 1 explicit lyric. I forgot to edit the soundtrack….my apologies. If you would not like to hear it, please turn your volume off." Thanks!

Friday night, December 5th will be our "Ladies Night" workout. We will start warming up at 6 p.m. and proceed into the WOD. We will have some food and drink waiting when you're finished. Please send any refreshment requests to me.

Thanksgiving schedule: Our schedule will stay the same for Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The gym will not be open on Thursday, the 27th.

Remember our first monthly seminar is scheduled for December 13th. This is included in your memberships so take advantage of it. The Holiday Survival information can be found under "Monthly Seminars."

Take a minute to read this article from MSN. What the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know Does the food industry care about your health? Should they? Should we be educated enought to know better? Responsibility….who does it fall on? Post some thoughts!

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