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A Perfect Picture


A Perfect Picture

Phil and john'-001

We've been wanting to capture something to emphasize a movement pattern and got a two for one. Phil is spot on. Jon needs some coaching cues. We spent alot of time going over basic movements. Don't let the term "basic" fool you. They are very technical. Unfortunately, they tend to get overlooked when someone just thinks "lift the weight." Take that approach and you'll see your smiling loving coaches turn into raging drill sargeants. There is nothing more important. Cue yourself on setting up any lift or exercise. Keep exhibiting faulty movement patterns and it will be harder to correct. Furthermore, you will end up injured. Take the time to do it right. Don't just get coached. LEARN!!!!!!!!!

The RDL, Romanian Deadlift, the Straight Leg Deadlift, the Good Morning…..all names for the same movement pattern. Note in the Picture: 1. Hip Hinge  2. Slight bend in knees  3. Hips back to counterbalance  4. Lat/Scapula tight  5. Bar close to the legs  6. Lumbar/Thoracic extension

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