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A Look in the Mirror


A Look in the Mirror

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Michael Rutherford of Boot Camp Fitness: CrossFit KC wrote an interesting article which generally indentified 2 groups of exercisers.

Integrators hold true beliefs in the benfits of training. They have made an effort to integrate a training program into their daily, weekly, and monthly calendars. They have also adopted an eating plan that supports  good health. The don't find and use excuses. They find a way to deal with the roadblocks to good health, which by the way, happen to everyone! They tend to surround themselves with other integrators.

Strivers have not reached the same level as the integrator. Their daily, weekly, and monthly consistency ranges from nothing to sporadic. They percieve results as coming too slow. They find every reason available not to continue exercising and will eventually suffer a total disconnect with the whole process.

I can't tell you how many people I've worked with in the past that have jumped into a fitness program head first, allowing me to direct them towards what I think should be a lifesyle priority. I have seen the signs of disconnect and can tell you it most often leads to complete failure. They have invested alot of time, money, effort, and all for what? We encourage, listen, advise, and pray but the truth is change has to come from within. Chances are you got into fitness to make positive changes. If they have not happened, there is only one person to blame. Take a look in the mirror. Decide what you want and quit letting things get in your way. What group do you belong to?

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