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3rd Annual Heart of America


3rd Annual Heart of America

Melissa K-1 

Registration for the 3rd annual Heart of America CrossFit Team Challenge is up. All members should have recieved an e-mail requesting interest in participating. We are getting a list of names and will begin putting teams together. Make sure to contact us ASAP.

We are also in need of volunteers and judges for the weekend. You can use the following link to register. Register Volunteers and Judges


5 Responses

  1. kelly roethlisberger

    Mel- those are some mighty big weights you're totin'! Rock on girl!

    Steve- NICE JUMP DUDE! You have no idea how jealous I am.

    Hope to see ya'll soon!

  2. Medium Steve

    Thanks Kelly. It was kind of intimidating considering that's the highest I've ever attempted. And I feel like the box is gonna break because I'm FAR from gracefull with box jumps.

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