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2013: What Are Your Intentions?


2013: What Are Your Intentions?

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We dug into some old pictures to highlight some members who have made remarkable progress here at CFVP. These are just a few among all of you who continue to work hard and reach goals. Speaking of goals…it's that time of year again. What do you intend to do? What are your goals? How bad do you want it? What does the path look like?

No matter what your answers are, the key to success is due diligence, hard work, and consistency. The framework seems simple. Train hard, eat right, rest well, and it will all fall into place. There is beauty in this simplicity but if you break it down into pieces, there's much more to it. You have to look into each aspect of your day and work hard to optimize your returns.

Train hard. Yes you need to put effort into your workouts. You also need to train smart. This means scaling workouts, moving well, learning technical aspects of the exercises, and taking rest days when needed. There is skill involved with everything we do. There is something to be gained in every portion of the class. Treat your warm up movements as you would any other exercise. They are often skilled movements with a chance to continually work on mobility. Go heavy when it's time to go heavy. Our fundamental strength exercises are full body compound movements that will form your foundation. Without strength we can not apply power and work capacity well. Read any anti-aging article and you will see that strength is the single most important quality to keep you healthy longer. Be patient and pay your dues when learning higher level lifting and gymnastics movements. If there's one thing you do in 2013, make it this. FOCUS on learning. Become skilled. We are teachers.

Eat well. Simple for some. If you don't know what to eat just ask. We promote a healthy diet with quality protein being the centerpiece for every meal. Add large amounts of non-starchy vegetables, moderate amounts of good fat, and modest amounts of high fiber fruits. Add some small amounts of nuts and seeds. Stay away from refined sugars and grains (carbohydrates). That's about as simple as you could ask for. Stephanie Teague has been great promoting Paleo eating, recipes, and challenges. Get involved. Learn to shop. Learn to cook. Learn to love Tupperware. Enjoy your food.

SLEEP! Quality sleep is often overlooked as a component of good health. Some argue that it is without a doubt, the most important aspect of health. Find a pattern that allows you a solid 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Read a book. Light a candle. Listen to Metallica. Do what you have to do to recover and rest well.