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2011 Sectionals Update


2011 Sectionals Update

With an extension on the time limit to do the first sectional workout, many athletes have had a chance to do this workout multiple times. CFVP has made an impressive showing. Here are some of the results for our North Central region as of today. Keep in mind a few of these scores may have not been submitted yet so these standings are estimated. Also, if we've left anyone out, we apologize. Digging through all the pages is not easy. Please feel free to post your results to comments. This is so impressive. We are so proud of all of you.

Men- Out of over 800 submissions. David Corthwaite is in 8th. Jake Howard is in 10th. Corey Beurck is in 78th. Jared Van Anne is in 141.

Women- Out of over 400 submissions. Tonya Charland is in 11th. Melissa Hurley is in 13th. Melissa Schwab is in 14th. Margaret Junker is in 21st. Kara Funk is in 59th. Stephanie Teague is in 165.

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  1. Sharon

    CFVP Athletes – so very proud of all of you – awesome job on the workout!!! Can't wait to see you rock the next one!!

  2. Melissa Schwab

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Melissa Hurley and Tonya who both redid their workouts, with incredible results. As of Sunday evening at 8:10, Melissa is in 3rd in the region and Tonya is in 7th! All of you who did the workout are awesome for even giving it a go! I'm so proud of all the CFVP athletes!

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