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2011 CROSSFIT GAMES UPDATE: After week 4 CrossFit Valley Park is 2nd in the North Central region and 14th in the world. Keep up the good work Valley Park.

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Max Efforts. In no particular order perform: 2 minutes max rep OH Press at 40-50% 1 rep max. 800 meter row. 2 minutes max rep KB swing. 800 meter run. 2 minute max rep push-ups. 2 minute max rep pull-ups.





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  1. Mandi

    All of this sounds terrible, and I love me some pull ups. I may have to actually take the day off. Yup, I said it… I may take a rest day!

  2. Lisa Moore

    Hey legs… crack me up about your pull up comments. Too bad you cant hang from the bar with your long legs. It would be a breeze for you. BTW..NO REST

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