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Enjoy some lifts from our Sunday Olympic Lifting Seminar with Jon North. Ryan Davis got 2 PR Snatches and a PR Clean and Jerk. Steve Himmelman got a PR Clean and Jerk. Janet Candela got a PR on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Sorry we didn’t get it all on video. Jon had injured his back warming up recently at the Arnold Classic Weightlifting Meet and had not trained in two weeks. We didn’t expect him to lift but he put on a short show for us. You will notice the speed of a competitive Olympic Weightlifter. Don’t blink!

We want to thank everyone for their feedback on our Olympic Lifting Classes. We will put a plan together and get things going soon. We will keep you updated.

Workout of the Day
Warm up
EMOM for 6 Minutes: 10 Hollow Rocks, 8 V-ups, 6 Push-ups
4 x 5
Warm up 3 x 6 pausing at the knees both ways
Single Arm DB Floor Press/Bridge
4 x 5 each arm
Set up in Turkish Get Up position
Perform the press then sit up to first position of the TGU
Lower back to floor slowly
3 Rounds for time
12 OH squat (sub any squat variation)
12 Pull-ups (sub body row)
250 Meter Run (sub row)
Rx is #105/#73

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