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100 Day Burpee Challenge


100 Day Burpee Challenge

Join Chris Schwab and a host of others to begin the 100 day burpee challenge beginning Wednesday June 23rd. The rules are easy. Start with one burpee, then add consecutive burpees for 100 days. If you miss one day for whatever reason, you have to make up the missed burpees the next day. Burpees in WOD's will count. Days 25, 50,75, and 100 will be for time.

Monday Strength/Skill: Front squats 4×8  then add a pull-up movement after each set of front squats. Try L pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, rows, towel pull-ups etc…

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  1. Brian R.

    So does this mean our WODs will routinely have burpees now to support this challenge??? Thanks a lot, challengers!! 🙂

    I might have to give this a go now.

  2. Chris Schwab

    For those wondering about the date, starting Wed 23 should place us finishing on Sept 30th. In that time we will have amassed over 5000 burpees…

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